Foreign & Domestic Car Repair

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General Automotive

Save cash when you drive by the dealer and come to Bergen AutoWerks for affordable general car repair and maintenance.

Engines & Brakes

Get back behind the wheel sooner than ever with engine and brake repair services from our shop. We use special tools to get the job done right.

Exhaust & Electrical

Do you dread having to get in the driver seat of your car? At our repair shop, we enhance your driving experience with exhaust and air conditioner repair.

Who We Are

Bergen AutoWerks is proud to be your top car repair shop in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Using more than 10 years of experience, we provide both repairs and maintenance for prices that are more affordable than what you'll find at foreign car dealerships. We work hard, which is why we only receive good feedback from our customers.

Mission Statement

We want to provide our customers with a dealer level of experience at reduced cost with the utmost quality.

To request services from our car repair shop, contact our certified BMW® and Mini® repair team in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.